#DigiWeWant4G – be the next to get 4G service!

CT6bvU8UAAAPW77Are you still in the town where Digi’s 4G LTE Network isn’t yet covered? Then here is your chance to be the next to enjoy the high-speed 4G LTE mobile coverage.

Digi is looking forward to knowing where you wish to appreciate the fast 4G LTE mobile coverage.  Tweet with hashtag DigiWeWant4G, hashtag your town and hashtag your state, and vote for your area. The main 10 zones with the most astounding votes will be considered in the race for their next extension plans.

I just did my part for Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. (Yeah, I am in the middle f the jungle, I need it very badly 😀 ).

Don’t wait! Tweet now, and make your vote count.

Till then, Happy tweeting!

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#Jimah Power Plant: A career trip for Engineers from Nilai University

Jimnilai-university-malaysia-13ah Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd (JEV) today is one of the leading private energy companies in Malaysia. This company has set up a new Independent Power Producer (IPP) at Mukim Jimah, district of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.Jimah development, own and also operates the coal-fired energy. The Project consists of the construction and commissioning of two coal-fired generating units with the net capacity of 700 MW each, based on proven sub-critical technology. The Project includes ancillary infrastructure such as a coal handling system, coal yard, ash pond and dedicated coal jetty.
On 12th November, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students along with Mechanical Engineering students of Nilai University were given an opportunity to visit the JEV to get an industrial view.



The visit was to show the excellent performance and the continuous improvement of JEV. All the students were gathered at the Administration Block in Nilai University from where we were taken from the bus to the JEV Power Plant located in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The journey was more than 1 hour through the beautiful landscape of Negeri Sembilan.

The day started with the company welcoming us and showing the map of the company. Then we were taken to the conference room to be given a briefing on the company by Miss Siti Aisha who was the engineer at JEV. During the briefing, the company showed us how the company came into being, since 2003 until today. Later, the engineers were shown a presentation about the production of the energy. The speaker discussed and explained the details about the countries they import coal from, processing of coal and production of coal-fired.

With the aid of different pictures, we were given easier look of the whole system.

Before we could go any further, we digested all the information about JEV. After which they served us the delicious refreshments to all the students so could get fresh for the visit to the entire production and supply unit. They took all the students on the bus tour to the company showing all the units. As a memory, they showed us the first batch of coal they received in their timeline.

Here are some pictures of the company that we were able to get.


While most of the university life is spent in studies, quizzes, and exams, Nilai University has started this Industrial trip project to give the students an idea about how the professional life would be. It’s tough to decide what career to choose. But giving the exposure of Industrial visit, will help in deciding what a student really wants.
Personally, I, as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer was always interested in the pursuing my career in power Electronics. Therefore, visiting the place like Jimah Ventures, was like a heaven to me. I was given a great exposure to the industrial and professional life. I met a number of engineers and learned a lot from them.


Waiting for another trip next semester… 😛 Till next time… Happy Reading… 🙂

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Being on your own – Wonderful life in a hostel

For all the “Mummy’s Baby Boys” and “Daddy’s Lil Girls” who have lived in the hostel, have learned to be not only independent but trustworthy and hardworking. The most important thing is that they have realised the value of life and the loved ones. Life in a hostel is not a simple one, but it is full of stress >.< and challenges. However, how much difficult the hostel life is, it teaches you to be prepared for the real outside world in a way that people who live with parents don’t.

Living in the hostel for 4 years, I have learned a lot of numerous things that people living at home will never learn. Here are the things that I and my friends are spending hostel life have done to make life easier.

1- They know all the possible ways to save their money. 

They know that they will get scolded by their parents if they inform them they have spent the weekly pocket money in one day. 😀 So they have to plan well and save before spending on leisure activities. With the detailed budgeting of every week’s grocery, they can easily start a house budgeting business, marriage budgeting business or any budgeting business.
Save Money

2- They Understand the value of petrol. Carpooling is their best friend.

If they want to go from one place to another in a 7 seater car, they make sure they are 7. The more the people, the lesser the share of petrol price. 😉


3- Hacks and they are made-for-each-other.

If there is a shortcut, trust me, they are the first people to try. Whether it’s about studies, food or and normal routine thing. They will try!! And sometimes, invent shortcuts too 😛

PC: Jannah tul Durrah
PC: Jannah tul Durrah

4-  They know the actual significance of 2 minutes Maggie or sausages at 2 in the morning.


5- They can bear even the “king of Slowest Wifi”.

Spending 4 years with dead slow internet access, they are ready to bear even the Snail-walking-slow internet too! They are the governors of “Patience-Ville”.


6- They have nicknames for all the people around the campus.

There is a “slow talker”, a “red bag girl”, “Mr Bean lecturer”, “Screaming lady” etc. And, to be honest, most of the nicknames are made-up based on the silent judgement of their nature and behaviour. And yeah, the people that our close friends hate are nicknamed their “bestfriends”. 😀

7-  Making friends is the easiest job for them.

Being around all the sad and sorrow souls who are away from the families, they know the value of friendship! They make sure that they not only share the happy moments but also the sad ones. They become family to each other and are always loyal to them. Well, except when they prank each other. 😛keep-calm-and-make-new-friends-9

8- They make their rooms more beautiful than the houses.

They know how to fit a million things into the tiny room. And that too, beautifully. From a dining table to a small beautiful kitchen with every utensil, ranging from a rice cooker, oven, heater, to mini fridge in the far corner. They have everything in the room decorated nicely. They can make one tiny room into their living room, bedroom, kitchen and study. With all that talent, they should think about becoming interior decorators. 😛

9-  They know how to make the best of everything.

Don’t have a mirror? Don’t worry! They will use a spoon to see your reflection. Laptop camera as mirrors or wooden chopstick as a frying spoon, they know how to use them for various purposes.

10- They are an expert in time management.

Managing time between university (8am-5pm), cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the room, washing the dishes, washing the clothes (with hands specially), Skyping with family, talking with friends, and organising events-Trust me, they are the living supermen and superwomen!word-cloud-time-management-related-items-33212637

11- They celebrate even the smallest happiness together.




12- They are prepared to face even the very bad world outside!!!


Difficult or Easy, living in a hostel is one of the most beautiful parts of a life.

Hats off to all the student who are, or who were living in the hostels. 🙂

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Islam is Peace – Islamic Awareness Day Nilai University.

Islamic Awareness Day, PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

On 4th of March, Islamic Student Society, Nilai University paid tribute to the Muslim world with Islam Awareness Day. The Islamic Awareness Day, was held in the walkway, near activity room of Nilai University. The aim was to teach people about Islam in an interesting way. 

PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
11058399_944669905543324_5274012668031747938_n (1)
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The audience were given the chance to chat with the Committee to clear their doubts.This enabled people to enhance their knowledge about Islam and the Islamic Customs.

PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The “Free Hijab Trial” was also arranged by the sisters of the society. As a symbol of Modesty and their devotion to Allah, the Muslim sisters wear head-cover.

603841_944675032209478_6387176726192191502_n (1)
Dariga, a Kazakhstan student. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Indian-Malaysian Students
Denmark Students
Indian Lecturer PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Indian- Malaysian Student PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
African Student PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Chinese-Malaysian Student, Vice-President of SRS Nilai Uni. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
11046871_944674898876158_8406815663956554858_n (1)
African Student. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The non-Muslims were asked simple questions related to Islam , and were given free drinks.

PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU

The whole event was created in a way to attract more and more people who are not aware or have little knowledge about Islam. Banners, Audio Lectures, and different fliers and pamphlets on basic misconception were given in order to let people understand the basic concepts of Islam.

Islam is an Arabic word, which means “PEACE”. Today, the media’s propaganda has changed the meaning and the ideology of Islam. Islam teaches love and kindness.


The experience I had with ISSNU, was truely an awesome experience. Not only did I learn alot about Islam, but I also had a wonderful family experience working with the committee. 🙂


My first Pongal Festival

From 24th to 26th February, Indian Cultural Society (ICS)  Nilai University, organised “Ponggal Thirunaal, Harvest Festival”. The event was divided in 3 days.
Harvest Festival is celebrated specially in south India and Tamil Nadu. This is a big festival celebrated to mark the harvesting and a special thanksgiving to God, the sun, the earth and the cattle.10258686_423309311161017_8862383721242711821_o

ICS, started their 3 days event with the Kolam Competition.

Kolam is a drawing made from coloured rice., chalk, or calk powder. The participants were asked to use coloured rice, so that they can later feed that rice to the birds. The day started with the coconut breaking tradition.

Later the competition started. 5 groups, each with 4 members, were given 2 hours time, to draw Kolam based on “Floral” theme.

PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
President of ICS with advisor, Ms Rekha. PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
President of ICS Daniel. PC: Indian Cultural Society NU


1658597_428190837339531_9178636976379917568_o (1)
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU

After every half an hour, the judges went around to see the progress. They were judging them on the creativity, methods, concept and cleanliness.

PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU

After 2 hours, the judges walked around for final judgement.

Group A
Group E
Group D
Group C
Group B
WInners (Group A) PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
!st Runner up (Group C) ; PC: Indian cultural Society NU
2nd Runner up (Group B) ; PC: Indian Cultural Society NU









































































On 26th February, the winners were given hampers.As a non- Indian, I had a wonderful time in this event. ICS members were not only hard working, but they were the friendliest people I have ever met!

An applause to ICS for this successful event.

Peace. ❤