The unfortunate day when I met a Rape Victim

“So what’s your name?”
I waited a moment to let her answer. She smiled. Smiled. smiled.
Confused what to do, I asked again?
“So what your name?”

She kept smiling. Not knowing what was so special that she is staring at me and smiling, I turned towards the warden to know what to do. Warden explained in Tamil that she can’t speak.

Confused, I tried talking to her in the sign language (I know a little bit of sign language).

Again, she kept smiling.

I hold her hand and caressed it slowly. After around 5 minutes, I felt her hand grip tightened. I knew she was now feeling my presence. I hugged her for a long time so she can understand that I am not here to hurt her. I am here to care for her.


After a while, I could feel the tears on my shoulders. She was crying. I didn’t know what to do. I was there speechless.

She was a Victim. A rape victim. A person that went through that bizarre experience which took away her voice, her sense of feeling, her laughter and most importantly, HER LIFE.

When we hear about rape, we imagine a crying a person, sitting in the dark room, regretting. Or we imagine a person, who lifestyle was changed after the incident, making her more active participant.
But this was my first time.  I met the  girl who was gang raped.She is the one who was blamed for it regardless of what she lost. Her mental stability. Here she was living among the disabled people( Natural ways) except for her. The worst part was she was the most critical case out of all. For the first time I met the rape victim, and I knew that what we imagine is nothing. The rape victims are at their worst possible situation.

This girl was a normal human being, just like us. Studying and enjoying her life with her family. But one unfortunate day, few men (her families enemy, as per the statement of the warden but still not sure yet) gang raped her and threw her on the road. 051acfaf9116bb627067a903daa94396c9c93c-wm

Unable to get up and ask for help, she remained there for days until someone noticed her movement and took her to the old age home nearby.

She lost her voice, her mental stability, her diet, her weight and her life. Her age is around 24, but she was looking very thin and old. The old home found the contacts and contacted her family. The case was registered but the criminals were never found.

The story was already very sad and  until I found out the family cut off her from there life as she was “insult” , “black mark”, “shame” for their family.


To all the readers, it’s not a blame game, nor I am blaming men or the women, or their dresses or the government. I just want to know, “why this girl is being punished by her family and by her society?”

Not only women but men are also being victimized by this terrible crime.

React today, to save the future! Write in the comment section if you stand against Rape!