Search On 3.0 – Remembering MH 370


The plane jiggled. Children started crying, there voices echoing around the plane. Some passengers started remembering their Lord, some cried, some fainted out of shock, others were busy calming down the kids and elderly.

It’s horrifying imagining the scenes that might occurs during any flight mishap. The chaos and cries can make you shiver. Some people are fortunate enough to survive such airplane incidents, while other, blame their luck or fate, passes away. In this world, there are few who disappeared. Disappeared from the world and from the history, for no reason.

236 people who were part of MH 370, Malaysian Airlines are among those unlucky people in this world, who disappeared from the earth’s surface. On 8 th March 2014, 3 years ago, MH 370, Malaysian Airlines went missing from the radar system and never reappeared.

Where are the passengers? Where are the crew? What happened with the plane?
These questions are still not solved. These questions are important, not for that incident but also for the future of flying safety.

In light of this tragic event, stand in solidarity with others at the annual Search On. This event will exhibit original art pieces speaking the story of each passenger as told by their family. Prominent speakers from the field of aviation and the search and investigation will be present to put light on this tragic event.16998850_1337408049652247_6303087844963096544_n

Join the event at : The Square, Publika, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

On: 4th March 2017 from 2 pm -5pm.


Give emotional support to the passenger’s family.

Peace ❤

Truck Art – Colourful Side of Pakistan

The beautiful raindrops are falling from the sky on the trees. The sun, filtering from the sky is touching the leaves, and reflecting back into these wonderful combinations of green, yellow and orange as if the rainbow is reflecting back from the leaf.

This in not a scene from a natural beautiful scenery neither it is the scene from a romantic movie. This is something, which is fascinated by most but is unique to most. This is a stunning form of art which Pakistanis witness every day moving across the roads. This form of art is called “TRUCK ART”, but for the driver, it is their beautiful baby.


Truck Art is an indigenous form of art, which originates from Pakistan. This art combines together the beautiful floral arts, colour designs, poetic calligraphy, portraits of heroes and actors, designed mirrors, jingling bells and tassels and colourful animals. This is why the English names for these trucks became, “Jingling Truck”.


Believe it or not, these vehicle drivers spent from $3000 to $5000 on each vehicle. Why? Because they simply love their vehicle. For them and their family, their vehicle Is their pride, their everything.



Each and every component in these masterpieces contains meaning. Usually, the most common art pieces contain shapes of the peacock, tiger, pigeon etc. Peacock usually presents the beauty of Pakistan, but for their driver, the peacock is the pride for their bus. Pigeons symbolise the peace, harmony and love which also present the personality of the driver.



The arts of each region perfects the beauty of their art in their signature way. Where Rawalpindi uses plastic decoration, Karachi uses reflective tapes which are locally called “Chammak Patti”. The cities like Quetta and Peshawar, which is North of Pakistan, uses wood trimming.
The back of the vehicle is often used to honour and tribute the celebrities.

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada
Major Raja Shaheed Bhati  – Martyred 


Truck Art is inspired by all the artist around the world.

1- Tram in Australia

Outside look of tram in Australia
Inside look of Tram in Australia

2- Turk-Pakistan token of friendship

Outside look Turkish Bus featuring Pakistan and Turkey Flag

3- London Museum

Masterpiece in London Museum

Patriotic and Poetry at the back of the truck.

” I Love my Country Pakistan”
“My heart is for sale – Price: only your smile”


Pakistan is a colourful country. The nation who loves playing with all colours around the palette.

5 movies to motivate and inspire us for 2017

Every day starts with a new beginning. With a new hope. Hope to shine. With these hopes come new struggles. These struggles will punch you down hard. This is when your life must know that this hit was given to show you the reality. Reality of this world.

So don’t give up… Get up and keep moving forward.

These are the 5 movies, which I have seen a number of times whenever  I am down, sad, depressed or homesick.

1- Pursuit of Happyness (2006):

Everybody dreams, but to achieve one, is a hard struggle. This amazing inspiring movie shows the struggle of a father to contribute to his son’s future life. The movies highlight the bond between a father and a son. The messages of never giving up and never quitting the tough reality of this world, is brought to light.



2- The Theory of Everything (2014):

While this movie revolves around science. The most important and inspiring factor is how a man diagnosed with a debilitating disease, never ever gave up. Despite dealing with life-threatening illness, he uses his time to make an important scientific discovery.

Image result for theory of everything quotes

3- It’s a Wonderful Life ( 1946):

The movie might be old, but it gives clear incredible messages of seeing a life in a much brighter way. The importance of life and how we should take responsibility for our life is shown. Positive vibes create around us is when we change ourselves positively.

4- 127 Hours:

“I’ve been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, Every breath that I’ve taken every action has been leading me to this crack on the earth surface.” – 127 hours.

This movie will inspire to be grateful for our life. We have no idea what will happen to us in the next minute. Take some time to think and organise your wonderful life.


5- 42 (2010):

Based on true story of baseball players who became the target of racism from his teammates on being African American. The movies show his struggles and difficult times. His courage and focus lead him to great success.


If you like my list, please let me know… And share what other Inspiring movies you have watched… Spread positivity.. Peace<3


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