Say No To Animal Testing

They say we are doing it for science and medicine. They make us believe that this is for the betterment of humans. But have you already forgotten that we are not the only species living in this planet? images (1) It is a good thought that testing on animals might save your loved ones from extreme disease like cancer, eye problems etc. But do you know all the experiments inflict harsh pain without the slightest anticipation of powerful benefits for human beings or any other animals. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), out of all the experiments, 92% of drugs and cosmetics, which are tested on animals, give effective and totally safe results on animals, where as they actually FAIL when tested on humans because they are too dangerous or they don’t work. According to the Humane Society, for registering a single pesticide, you are required to do 50 8c2d6213e9eac3d868409f153b20220a-d5y7qblexperiments which requires as many as 12,000 animals. Some of the animal experimenters justify their act by saying that some moral relevant characteristics, such as language, intelligence or consciousness only exist in human beings and are missing in other species. Marc Bekoff , founder of  “Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, says his research shows that the scientist are discovering that not only the animals have high levels of intelligence but also animals have consciousness, sensitivity and emotions to love, care and pain. According to PETA organisation, in 2010, United States used 1.28 million animals (excluding rats, mice, birds, reptiles, amphibians and agricultural animals used in agricultural experiments), plus an estimated 100 million mice and rats  were used. In 2009, Canada used around 3.38 million animals in experimenting, and 145,632 animals subjected to “severe pain near, at, or above the pain tolerance threshold of not anesthetized conscious animals”. In 2012, United Kingdom used 4.11 million animals to experiment, where 2.95 million were  without anesthesia.  Today with new  technological devices, advance techniques and  achievements on high level IT development there are possibilities that allows experiments to be done withoutanimal-testing-88048450485_xlarge the use of animals. Lasers, microchips, fiber optics, computer based drug designs and digital imaging are just a few which contributed in bring successful drugs in bio medical research and replaced animals. Methods and experiments which are animal-free are more superior in many aspects. They are more accurate than animals experiments, more efficient and less costly than animal experiments. Following are the companies that “DO TEST ON ANIMAL “. Please go through all the companies and product before buying, to end cruelty.


   The following companies “DO NOT TEST ON ANIMAL” .4d62bd824318419de11aeb0a2274ea1e        

The animal testing procedure is still a dilemma somewhere. But remember, its not about right or wrong. ITS ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH!                                   


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PS: PETA is the largest animal rights organisation  in the world. To know more about animal testing: PC: Internet Peace ❤

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Islam is Peace – Islamic Awareness Day Nilai University.

Islamic Awareness Day, PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

On 4th of March, Islamic Student Society, Nilai University paid tribute to the Muslim world with Islam Awareness Day. The Islamic Awareness Day, was held in the walkway, near activity room of Nilai University. The aim was to teach people about Islam in an interesting way. 

PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
11058399_944669905543324_5274012668031747938_n (1)
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The audience were given the chance to chat with the Committee to clear their doubts.This enabled people to enhance their knowledge about Islam and the Islamic Customs.

PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The “Free Hijab Trial” was also arranged by the sisters of the society. As a symbol of Modesty and their devotion to Allah, the Muslim sisters wear head-cover.

603841_944675032209478_6387176726192191502_n (1)
Dariga, a Kazakhstan student. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Indian-Malaysian Students
Denmark Students
Indian Lecturer PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Indian- Malaysian Student PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
African Student PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Chinese-Malaysian Student, Vice-President of SRS Nilai Uni. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
11046871_944674898876158_8406815663956554858_n (1)
African Student. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The non-Muslims were asked simple questions related to Islam , and were given free drinks.

PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU

The whole event was created in a way to attract more and more people who are not aware or have little knowledge about Islam. Banners, Audio Lectures, and different fliers and pamphlets on basic misconception were given in order to let people understand the basic concepts of Islam.

Islam is an Arabic word, which means “PEACE”. Today, the media’s propaganda has changed the meaning and the ideology of Islam. Islam teaches love and kindness.


The experience I had with ISSNU, was truely an awesome experience. Not only did I learn alot about Islam, but I also had a wonderful family experience working with the committee. 🙂


My first Pongal Festival

From 24th to 26th February, Indian Cultural Society (ICS)  Nilai University, organised “Ponggal Thirunaal, Harvest Festival”. The event was divided in 3 days.
Harvest Festival is celebrated specially in south India and Tamil Nadu. This is a big festival celebrated to mark the harvesting and a special thanksgiving to God, the sun, the earth and the cattle.10258686_423309311161017_8862383721242711821_o

ICS, started their 3 days event with the Kolam Competition.

Kolam is a drawing made from coloured rice., chalk, or calk powder. The participants were asked to use coloured rice, so that they can later feed that rice to the birds. The day started with the coconut breaking tradition.

Later the competition started. 5 groups, each with 4 members, were given 2 hours time, to draw Kolam based on “Floral” theme.

PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
President of ICS with advisor, Ms Rekha. PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
President of ICS Daniel. PC: Indian Cultural Society NU


1658597_428190837339531_9178636976379917568_o (1)
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU

After every half an hour, the judges went around to see the progress. They were judging them on the creativity, methods, concept and cleanliness.

PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
PC: Indian Cultural Society NU

After 2 hours, the judges walked around for final judgement.

Group A
Group E
Group D
Group C
Group B
WInners (Group A) PC: Indian Cultural Society NU
!st Runner up (Group C) ; PC: Indian cultural Society NU
2nd Runner up (Group B) ; PC: Indian Cultural Society NU









































































On 26th February, the winners were given hampers.As a non- Indian, I had a wonderful time in this event. ICS members were not only hard working, but they were the friendliest people I have ever met!

An applause to ICS for this successful event.

Peace. ❤