#Milkitup for the children of SOS Village – Tetrapak charitable cause

They say “Learn to give by not feeling that you have much, but by knowing how it feels to have nothing”. Ramadan is a month of blessings.The holy month of Ramadan brings goodness, spiritual enlightenment, happiness, rewards and the Muslim brotherhood and community together. This closeness gives all the Muslim ummah physical and spiritual benefits.

So, this Ramadan doesn’t just live your life, but give and make another life. Care for your fellow human beings, be the reason for their smile. TetraPak Pakistan brings an amazing campaign of donating the TetraPak milk to the children of SOS Village in Pakistan.

They don’t want you to donate your share of the money, they want you to donate your time. They just want you to spend 2 minutes of your life and tweet. Yes, you read it correct. Every tweet that you do with #Tetrapack and #Milkitup, TetraPak will donate 250ml of milk to the SOS village of Pakistan.

Thanks to TetraPak for bringing this opportunity this Ramadan. Increase your rewards with every tweet that you make. 🙂



Not only that, the person with the most retweets will get a giveaway from TetraPak. So do as many tweets as you can to get more rewards, in this world and the next.  🙂

Your share in tweeting is important to the kids of SOS Village. Every drop of milk counts. And every tweet you share, you are bringing a smile to a kid. Happiness does not result from what we get, but  from what we give.

I have done my part, have you?

I just did my part of the share. Have you?

Go to their Twitter page to know more. TetraPAk Pakistan

Happy Tweeting! 🙂

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