Search On 3.0 – Remembering MH 370


The plane jiggled. Children started crying, there voices echoing around the plane. Some passengers started remembering their Lord, some cried, some fainted out of shock, others were busy calming down the kids and elderly.

It’s horrifying imagining the scenes that might occurs during any flight mishap. The chaos and cries can make you shiver. Some people are fortunate enough to survive such airplane incidents, while other, blame their luck or fate, passes away. In this world, there are few who disappeared. Disappeared from the world and from the history, for no reason.

236 people who were part of MH 370, Malaysian Airlines are among those unlucky people in this world, who disappeared from the earth’s surface. On 8 th March 2014, 3 years ago, MH 370, Malaysian Airlines went missing from the radar system and never reappeared.

Where are the passengers? Where are the crew? What happened with the plane?
These questions are still not solved. These questions are important, not for that incident but also for the future of flying safety.

In light of this tragic event, stand in solidarity with others at the annual Search On. This event will exhibit original art pieces speaking the story of each passenger as told by their family. Prominent speakers from the field of aviation and the search and investigation will be present to put light on this tragic event.16998850_1337408049652247_6303087844963096544_n

Join the event at : The Square, Publika, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

On: 4th March 2017 from 2 pm -5pm.


Give emotional support to the passenger’s family.

Peace ❤

6 thoughts on “Search On 3.0 – Remembering MH 370

  1. shaneanthonym

    Definitely a sad story. Despite air travel being so common nowadays there is always a danger. Sending love to the families of those involved.

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