Future Leader’s Camp 14, the perfect days of my life!

The FLC'14 FAMILY!So finally I am back on blogging! After I lost my password, I had no access on my previous blog, so I had to restart a new one. But I am sure that this time again, I will add spices to make my blog to make it more fantastically fabulous. (All of start with “F” because my name starts with F. Selfish, Right? I know :P)

Any way, I am seriously convinced to write the fresh memory that I have in mind. And trust me, this is one of the best memory you have ever heard from me. This includes debatable topics (boring, yeah?) trust me, read on and see how fantastic it is! So it includes some speeches on overcoming gender stereotype, gender issues and leading the youth, workshop leaping the gender gap to becoming a leader, a sharing of Experience, parliamentary style discussion, workshops on etiquette and grooming, reflections on the way forward and the most important one, *FREE* 3 days 2 night stay in 4-star hotel and awesome delicious food!!! 😀
See I told you how fantastic it wassss!! XD

So as I look through my days I spent in Nilai Spring Resort, from 15th to 17th November 2014 at Future Leaders Camp organised by Nilai University, Sponsored by The NAM Institute for the Empowerment of Women, I can surely say that this IS THE BEST LEADERSHIP CAMP I ever had or ever heard of!

The organizing team was amazing! I would like to thank specially to Miss Subashini ( Director of FLC), Miss Sharifah HAlimah, Mr. Peter Anthony, Mr David Madhavan, and Miss Damaya Devi for considering me, and giving me this opportunity to attend this wonderful camp! Also for trusting me and selecting me among the 102 lucky participant who were fortunate enough to take part in this event.
Thank you all my Lecturer facilitator and also, not to forget the Student facilitator, who attended a lot of meeting just for us, and they were surely amazing!

All the talented and super innovative leaders who came to train us were very inspiring:

David Nelson Bassey, who was one of the most talented speaker and the youngest speaker we had in this event. He shared how he became from nobody to somebody. He was a participants of this same event 3 years ago, and now he was called back to FLC to be a speaker. This was actually a KICK for me. This gave me more energy made me focus more on my future.

Dale Carnegie Trainer, Ms. Jasmine, who actually made me over come my most bad weakness, my memory. Seriously some time I had to ask the same person again and again about their name and their hometown. (So embracing right? )
But she told and simple and most practical way to learn things.
She also focused on one of the leadership quality that is: communication.
Communication actually is the most important quality that not only leader but everyone should have. The way you talk show who you actually are.

Animah Kosai, a lawyer, coach and a mother. She talked about the leaping the gender gap to becoming a leader. She emphasizes on how and why does the women is having problems in this world. The government, companies, men even how they, themselves block them from reaching their desire. How women don’t value themselves, they care for others more and are not negotiable. Also, how they put their family: parents, husband, kids friends first, and put themselves last. These were some of the reasons she mentioned which is bring Gender inequality in the world.

Maria Chen, a human rights activist talked about women empowerment. How each individual should be respected and each and every person have a right to stand for themselves. The workshop with her was very knowledgeable which gave importance on how the world should not underestimate the power of a women.

Roger Chan, chairperson of Environmental and climate change committee. We actually had a parliamentary styled discussion. Where we review, edited and passed the bill based of gender issue. The bill was an actual proposed bill in parliament.

Bkay Nair, certified brand image ambassador was actually a stunning lady. 😛 First impression is the last impression, this is what she told us. And her session was actually about the way to look more professional. Honestly speaking, all the things she mentioned about the dressing to look professional , out of 100 students, not a single person had everything :/ . That was embracing actually. But not to forget, it was a learning camp. She also talked about the body posture, the way you should talk, and to be more confident.

The welcome address was by YBhg. Prof. Datuk Dr. Megat Burhainuddin B.Megat Abdul Rehman, who is the vice-chancellor of Nilai University and the Key Note Speaker was YBhg. Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, who is the CEO of the global Movement of moderates. The closing address was by YB Dato’ Sri Hajah Rohani binti Abdul Karim, who is the minister of Women, Family and Community Development.

YB Dato’ Sri Hajah Rohani binti Abdul Karim, who is the minister of Women, Family and Community Development. (Middle lady, with pink dress)

All the speakers were so talented and successful. They taught us numerous thing for being a better person, for being a better leader They were so inspirational and most of all, they were not at all rude with us. They were so friendly that we can hardly believe that they are the actual heroes of Malaysia and the world.

And finally the lucky participants, OMG seriously, i met a girl who was studying law, and she had so information about section this, article this, that i was looking like a fool. I met another who was so confident that inside i sat next to her, wishing that may be God will transfer some confidence in me 😛

And coming to food, it was ALLLLAAAA (AWESOMMEEEE)! And special thanks to the chef and all the workers at Spring Cafe, Nilai Spring, they were very very friendly and they made us so comfortable with their hospitality and the delicious food, that we no longer like to eat food from canteen. (NO OFFENCE. JUST THE TRUTH 😛 )
So overall, the experience was so inspirational. Not only I have taken good memories, but also every step I will take from now onward, towards my destination, I will surely gave my credits to Future Leaders Camp’14 which gave me confidence and lighten up my path of success.

Fareha Nizam
Nilai University (the best)

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Group sessions
Group sessions


lunch break! <3
lunch break! ❤


Hard working facilitator (Y)
Hard working facilitator (Y)


Miss Bkay Nair


Parlimentory style dicussion
Roger Chan


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