Walking Through The Trees


My everyday routine after freshing up starts by #trend  walking 15-20 minutes through the beautiful greenery of Malaysia. The wind blows the trees and they await everyday for me as I jog past them. The dried leaves cluster together because of heavy wind and the voices of stepping on a dried leaf relaxes my mind.


Most of the time, a dog and it 3 tiny puppies waits for me. And walk behind me for few minutes as if taking part in my everyday schedule.

I hear the birds chirping and far way few dogs barking. I see butterflies fly around, making the scenery more like a paradise. Walking through the trees shows different kinds of insects that are in this planet. Everyday I see a new one and I admire the creation and the purpose of the teeny tiny insect in this world.


Life is beautiful. Enjoy the each and every second of it.



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8 Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing

Yes, I am guilty of doing these stuff… But aren’t you?

I know you too!! 😀 😀

1- When You Have Loads of Stuff To Do, And You Select The Best Option : Zzzzz…..

When Presented With Too Many O is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

2- Better Safe Than Sorry. Just One Forgotten Click And You Are Doomed!

It Only Takes One Time Of Forg is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

3-  The Bargain You Do With Yourself, That You Know Will Never Ever Happen!

Bargaining With Yourself Like  is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

4- The More Refreshes, The More Mental Peace You Get…

But After Three Refreshes, Tha is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

5-  And Yes, I Win An Argument With Me Every Day… Still Counts As A Win!

Still Counts As A Win is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

6- Thats an Accomplishment During Semester Break!

Considering It An Accomplishme is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

7-  Well,  Atleast It Gives Me Satisfaction Or … An Excuse For Being Late!

Well It Certainly Can't Ma is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

8- Never Getting USB Right On The First Try

Never Getting The USB Right On... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before


Any other stuff that we are all guilty of doing??? Share in the comment section!  😀 😀


Happy Reading! Peace ❤

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How to Capture Your Blog Post Ideas BeforeThey Disappear

Idea 1Do you know anything about Samuel Langley? Of course not.
But what about Orville and Wilbur Wright aka The Wright Brothers? Of course you know.  You know the difference between Samuel Langley and The Wright Brothers?

Samuel Langley was the person who created airplane, but due to his two failed experiments, he gave up, The reason was the criticism he received from media and the government. Wright brothers took the ideas, and being uneducated and unfunded, they flew the first successful powered airplane. And now everyone in this world remember them.

The point is, everyone have great ideas, but they disappear.  Like Wright brothers, you don’t need any degree or any high education to have great ideas. Explore the world around you and you will get ideas.

For blogging, it is really easy. Just look around you and get inspired. Grab and hold the ideas and starts writing.  Take sometime out from your busy schedule and work on your idea.

Ideas can be as simple as “The book I read” or “The picture hanging in my office” or “The movie I saw last night”. It can be anything. Trust me, I do the same. I grab the idea and write about it, otherwise it will fade away into nothing.idea 3

These are some ways you can start your blog or update it everyday.

1-  List all you ideas

The best way is to have a daily journal. Write all the ideas comes in your mind. Don’t worry if they are easy, childish, or extremely tough. Just record each and every idea.

2- Select the best ones

Once written, just go through the list that you wrote. Most of the times, you will find every idea gibberish and nonsense. Although you feel like they are nothing, don’t discard them. Many ideas feels stupid at first, but you can be amended, edited or get inspired to come up with a better and productive idea.

Select the best and write about it. Don’t worry if the post is small. Just do it. You will learn to write a perfect blog post by practicing.

3- Work on them

Don’t wait for another week to work on the idea you got today. Just  work on it. Polish it and you might find a diamond within.

4- Have confidence in your idea and your yourself

Sometimes you might feel that the post is vague or  people might find it nonsense. But believe me, in the community of blogging and the people  I have met and talked to, people appreciate the writing. Political, moral, moms-blog, marketing blog, random thoughts, educational or any time of blog.  Bloggers love to see new ideas, and new people who share the same love of writing as you do. So be confident and believe in yourself.

Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


Somewhere in your mind, lies a super idea that can change your life. It might just pass by if you won’t keep writing and recording. So relax and write!

Happy Reading. Peace ❤

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5 *Creepy* Questions People Ask Pakistanis Living Abroad

I am exhausted, irritated and annoyed by the most random, creepy and literally stupid questions that people ask me related to Pakistan. So, I have decided to answer them once and for all.

Here goes my most shortest list:

1- Do you have your personal GUN?


Yes, because we don’t have justice league to save our people! This dumb question was asked to me thousands of times. And NO! we don’t have personal guns, neither are we allowed to carry one, unless with licence ( which is a long process, so we prefer getting robbed over getting a licensed gun!)

2- Did you fight with the society to pursue your career in engineering?

Oh Please

Pakistan is not all old fashioned and against women. Places like Karachi,  Lahore and Islamabad have a lot of females in engineering and it does not even matter to anyone anymore. So chill.  Not everything media say is right. It’s all propaganda.

3- You must be really strong; you handle your society to study abroad?

dumb 3

Yes, I am strong, but no my society is very supportive when it comes to education. They don’t bother anyone for there life choices. So yeah,  it was never even my concern to think about the society’s reaction when moving abroad.  It was just me, my family and my plans!

4- So are you married? Did your parents force you into getting married?



Lol! NO, I am not married. NO, my parents never forced me to get married early. NO, nobody will be “Honored Killed” because of love marriage. Cases do happen, but not every Pakistani is like that. So chill! Nobody will be after you if you have fallen in love with a Pakistani girl/guy!

5- Have you ever met anyone from ISIS?



Seriously? I mean…  SERIOUSLY?  ISIS?
They don’t roam around the roads of Karachi and introduce themselves like ” Hey, nice meeting you. I am from ISIS… You?”

Like seriously????


Trust me, the list can go on and on… From, how I must have dodged the ISIS while they were shooting bullets on me to like Malala, to how brutal men of Pakistan must have been while I was growing up. I have heard everything. But to be honest, I never faced any of this and hopefully, Inshaa Allah ( If Allah wills), I never will.

Negativity is everywhere, evil minded criminals are roaming around the world. But STOP generalizing based on few cases. It’s very unfair to hear all these negative comments about Pakistan, it’s very hurting when people gave me sympathy for facing that evil society. NO, Pakistan is full of beautiful and humble people. We care, we love and we spread peace. ❤ ❤ ❤

Peace ❤

The worst but most respected job in the world – Sewer cleaners

(Disclaimer: Do not eat while seeing the images in this post)

You dress up nicely from your heart every morning to go to your job. You check your hair and your shiny shoes. You check for the finest fragrance to match with your look every day. This is a normal routine for most of the working people.  However, there is an occupation where clothes and perfume are not only neglected but they suffer from the most dreadful and smelliest places.23








Sewer cleaning is one of the most dangerous and disgusting occupation especially in third world countries where proper instruments to check poisonous gases, blowers to throw out polluted air, torches, gloves, even proper clothes are not provided. Living in Pakistan for most of my life, I came across these poor daily wage labour, who are willing to go down in the dirtiest sewer in order to remove the domestic and industrial waste.

These sewers contain poisonous and suffocating gases like carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and methane. The water the climb down into contains a lot of chemicals like bleaches which are used to clean bathroom floors, grease from shops, mercury, the glass component, ammonia and other chemicals.

These people suffer from boils and burns, nose and lungs infections like asthma. This not only risks the labour life but the entire families. The government, especially in third world countries, like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh don’t seem to notice.



Imagine if these workers stop working for just 1 month. The entire place will be flooded with the dirty sewer water. Appreciate and thank these workers, they deserve more! Surely,  they are the most important people in our society.







7.jpgWorld's Dirtiest Job

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Male Belly Dancer- Breaking social Barriers

Being a girl, I came across a lot of scenarios where I had to fight to get my right. Especially being an engineering student, I answer many questions on daily basis about why I like engineering, why didn’t I join any “girl field” and so on and on. For years I have been a very strong person especially when it come to gender biasing and racial differences.  Luckily, Allah gave me the best parents and family, who understand my interests, and supports me and my sisters in any field or any decision we make in and for our life.

I came across this video and I was surprised how gender biasing is affecting the men in our society now. Why the person is judged by what they do, instead of how talented they are.
Our parents should stop listening to “wo kia kahenge” (what will they say?).  Honestly, sometimes I wonder who are these “they” people.  😀 Why our parents care more about these people more than their own kids?

Ehsan Hilal, a confident young man, ready to face the world with his talent.  He is a great belly dancer and chose this because he finds it peaceful.  Kudos to him for standing for his dreams!!! (Y) (Y)



Champions believe in themselves, even when no one else does.

Happy Life! 🙂


-Peace ❤

Am I ready to adopt a baby?

Since I was small, my grandmother told me how difficult and stressful her life was as an orphan. Few years ago, I got a chance to visit an orphanage. The kids in the orphanage were very happy and excited to see the visitors. This excitement made me convinced to adopt a baby.

When I tell this to my family and friends, they smiled and appreciated me for my positivity, but when they realized that I am really serious about this, they start telling me how difficult my life would be, specially because I want to adopt a baby very early in my life ( I Am 22 and planning to adopt next year, when I will be in my Masters).  So here I would like to mention my reasons, why I want to adopt. (Please feel free to comment and express your concern about my decision)8a510445b31c80be94a7fb1a81d9aee4


  1. Although orphanages provides food, clothes and shelter to the orphans, but I believe that the children needs more than that. They need a family who value and love them.

  2. I want to give them importance. In orphanages, all kids are treated in a same way, everyday. They have fixed timetable for everything. From food to clothes, they do what they are asked to do. I want them to have a life just like how I had. Free and fun.
    Requesting my mother to make my favorite dish, or convinced her to buy me the clothes that I liked are some good memories, which I believe all children deserve.

  3. People who goes through tough time in there life tend to be more talented and hardworking if they are given the chance. I want to provide the kid with the best education so my baby can take part in the wellbeing of our society. I believe kids can become champions only if they are given the correct path.

  4. Parents are the biggest blessings of Allah. I have been away from my parents since last 4 years. I know how it feels to be away from family. But whenever I am happy, sad, sick, tired, stressed, tensed or angry, I Skype with my parents and share my problems. But unfortunately orphans can’t even wish to meet or call their parents.

  5. In my life I have been attending a lot of weddings. I have never seen in my 22 years life any orphanage invited to attend a wedding. They spent their entire life in orphanage and have no idea how weddings are. They don’t know what Mehndi Henna Night, Bridal Shower, Valima reception etc means.

These are just few of many reasons that I have to adopt a kid. Honestly, I sometimes feels scared that after I will  die, God will ask me “ Why you didn’t do anything for the orphans?”
And I won’t have any answer to that. Will I say “Because my society was not accepting” or “ Because people around me were too scared that I will ruin my life and career”.

This fear make me want to adopt a baby more. I  hope one day soon, I will proudly post a blog showing my adopted baby (ies).

PS: if you are capable of affording a child, please do so. Orphans also deserve a family.

PSS: Please let me know if my decision is okay or should I wait few more years?


Happy life.

-Peace ❤

Search On 3.0 – Remembering MH 370


The plane jiggled. Children started crying, there voices echoing around the plane. Some passengers started remembering their Lord, some cried, some fainted out of shock, others were busy calming down the kids and elderly.

It’s horrifying imagining the scenes that might occurs during any flight mishap. The chaos and cries can make you shiver. Some people are fortunate enough to survive such airplane incidents, while other, blame their luck or fate, passes away. In this world, there are few who disappeared. Disappeared from the world and from the history, for no reason.

236 people who were part of MH 370, Malaysian Airlines are among those unlucky people in this world, who disappeared from the earth’s surface. On 8 th March 2014, 3 years ago, MH 370, Malaysian Airlines went missing from the radar system and never reappeared.

Where are the passengers? Where are the crew? What happened with the plane?
These questions are still not solved. These questions are important, not for that incident but also for the future of flying safety.

In light of this tragic event, stand in solidarity with others at the annual Search On. This event will exhibit original art pieces speaking the story of each passenger as told by their family. Prominent speakers from the field of aviation and the search and investigation will be present to put light on this tragic event.16998850_1337408049652247_6303087844963096544_n

Join the event at : The Square, Publika, Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia.

On: 4th March 2017 from 2 pm -5pm.


Give emotional support to the passenger’s family.

Peace ❤