About me

My name is Fareha Nizam ( which means beautiful flower). I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer-to-be, blogger and an artist. I spent half of my day enjoying the nature of machines, circuits and electrical equipment, while the remaining half of my day doing my other favourite hobbies like painting, writing, travelling with friends, cooking, watching movies and of course yoga.

I love living in places where I can meet multicultural people because I admire different culture and I believe we can learn a great deal by being with the different type of people. I like learning their native languages and food and watch their national movies ( where I always need a translator 😛 ). It interests me when they tell me stories from their childhood in their country. I like celebrating festivals with them. These festivals gave me a reason to love and enjoy my life to the fullest.

My biggest dream is to travel around the world with my family. Enjoy each and everything that my friends have told me about their country and show my parents that places which are meant to be seen and praised! I want that smile on their faces that will never fade away.

I like trying new food. I am a non-vegetarian, but I like experimenting being vegetarian for months so I can taste and appreciate the delicious vegetarian food. I tried being vegan 3 times, I struggled a lot and it was not a really good experience.