Walking Through The Trees


My everyday routine after freshing up starts by #trend  walking 15-20 minutes through the beautiful greenery of Malaysia. The wind blows the trees and they await everyday for me as I jog past them. The dried leaves cluster together because of heavy wind and the voices of stepping on a dried leaf relaxes my mind.


Most of the time, a dog and it 3 tiny puppies waits for me. And walk behind me for few minutes as if taking part in my everyday schedule.

I hear the birds chirping and far way few dogs barking. I see butterflies fly around, making the scenery more like a paradise. Walking through the trees shows different kinds of insects that are in this planet. Everyday I see a new one and I admire the creation and the purpose of the teeny tiny insect in this world.


Life is beautiful. Enjoy the each and every second of it.



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Beauty of Pakistan – Heaven on Earth


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.

A scenic beauty of a waterfall of Northern Pakistan.

Northern Pakistan. PC: @Masood Azhar

Truck Art – Colourful Side of Pakistan

The beautiful raindrops are falling from the sky on the trees. The sun, filtering from the sky is touching the leaves, and reflecting back into these wonderful combinations of green, yellow and orange as if the rainbow is reflecting back from the leaf.

This in not a scene from a natural beautiful scenery neither it is the scene from a romantic movie. This is something, which is fascinated by most but is unique to most. This is a stunning form of art which Pakistanis witness every day moving across the roads. This form of art is called “TRUCK ART”, but for the driver, it is their beautiful baby.


Truck Art is an indigenous form of art, which originates from Pakistan. This art combines together the beautiful floral arts, colour designs, poetic calligraphy, portraits of heroes and actors, designed mirrors, jingling bells and tassels and colourful animals. This is why the English names for these trucks became, “Jingling Truck”.


Believe it or not, these vehicle drivers spent from $3000 to $5000 on each vehicle. Why? Because they simply love their vehicle. For them and their family, their vehicle Is their pride, their everything.



Each and every component in these masterpieces contains meaning. Usually, the most common art pieces contain shapes of the peacock, tiger, pigeon etc. Peacock usually presents the beauty of Pakistan, but for their driver, the peacock is the pride for their bus. Pigeons symbolise the peace, harmony and love which also present the personality of the driver.



The arts of each region perfects the beauty of their art in their signature way. Where Rawalpindi uses plastic decoration, Karachi uses reflective tapes which are locally called “Chammak Patti”. The cities like Quetta and Peshawar, which is North of Pakistan, uses wood trimming.
The back of the vehicle is often used to honour and tribute the celebrities.

Justin Trudeau – Prime Minister of Canada
Major Raja Shaheed Bhati  – Martyred 


Truck Art is inspired by all the artist around the world.

1- Tram in Australia

Outside look of tram in Australia
Inside look of Tram in Australia

2- Turk-Pakistan token of friendship

Outside look Turkish Bus featuring Pakistan and Turkey Flag

3- London Museum

Masterpiece in London Museum

Patriotic and Poetry at the back of the truck.

” I Love my Country Pakistan”
“My heart is for sale – Price: only your smile”


Pakistan is a colourful country. The nation who loves playing with all colours around the palette.

My new roommate is from the enemy country

India vs Pakistan… Pakistan vs India…

The politics between these two countries never came to any happy ending. From religion to fighting for land, they are always opposing each other point of view.If one wants construct a peaceful relation, the other won’t agree and vise versa.

Actual story started back in 1947, the British Subcontinent of Hindustan was divided into two countries. Pakistan and India.  Pakistan being muslim majority and India being Hindu Majority. So it was not only about the partition of land but religious hatred  which became a factor for these two countries to fight.

Times passed by and the people forget about the partition and hatred (Not that they forgot the sacrifices of the ancestors. But they moved forward with peace and harmony, which their ancestor actually wanted). But the politics interfered. They repeatedly discouraged Pakistanis and Indians to be friends. Just to get visit visa was a big hectic. Jobs were impossible. From sports to fashion, it was like the competition between these countries. We actually get a public holiday when we have cricket finals between these countries.

But fortunately, The educated people understood the game of politics. They knew that it’s not public who are opposing each other but only politics. They started talking through Facebook. Not to forget a great campaign done by coca cola in  2013 to bring people together.


Same year, I  came to another country. I made friends regardless of the country they belong to, their race, religion and cast. I made friends with the people I felt comfortable with. And then I met an Indian Girl. We became friends. WE talked, laughed and shared secrets. Our friendship grew stronger.

We studied in the same university and lived in same hostel but different building.  Recently, my building was under renovation and I was asked to shift to the next building. When they asked me which roommate you want. I happily said her name.

She is my new roommate now.

Now when my friends come over and tease me by saying: “Pakistan India saath saath” (Pakistan and India are together). I teasingly, but proudly say:

“ Yeah, my roommate is from the enemy country and She is my bestfriend”.

#PeaceNo War

Islam is Peace – Islamic Awareness Day Nilai University.

Islamic Awareness Day, PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

On 4th of March, Islamic Student Society, Nilai University paid tribute to the Muslim world with Islam Awareness Day. The Islamic Awareness Day, was held in the walkway, near activity room of Nilai University. The aim was to teach people about Islam in an interesting way. 

PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
11058399_944669905543324_5274012668031747938_n (1)
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The audience were given the chance to chat with the Committee to clear their doubts.This enabled people to enhance their knowledge about Islam and the Islamic Customs.

PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The “Free Hijab Trial” was also arranged by the sisters of the society. As a symbol of Modesty and their devotion to Allah, the Muslim sisters wear head-cover.

603841_944675032209478_6387176726192191502_n (1)
Dariga, a Kazakhstan student. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Indian-Malaysian Students
Denmark Students
Indian Lecturer PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Indian- Malaysian Student PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
African Student PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
Chinese-Malaysian Student, Vice-President of SRS Nilai Uni. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU
11046871_944674898876158_8406815663956554858_n (1)
African Student. PC: Islamic Student Society, NU

The non-Muslims were asked simple questions related to Islam , and were given free drinks.

PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU
PC: Islamic Student Society NU

The whole event was created in a way to attract more and more people who are not aware or have little knowledge about Islam. Banners, Audio Lectures, and different fliers and pamphlets on basic misconception were given in order to let people understand the basic concepts of Islam.

Islam is an Arabic word, which means “PEACE”. Today, the media’s propaganda has changed the meaning and the ideology of Islam. Islam teaches love and kindness.


The experience I had with ISSNU, was truely an awesome experience. Not only did I learn alot about Islam, but I also had a wonderful family experience working with the committee. 🙂