Walking Through The Trees


My everyday routine after freshing up starts by #trend  walking 15-20 minutes through the beautiful greenery of Malaysia. The wind blows the trees and they await everyday for me as I jog past them. The dried leaves cluster together because of heavy wind and the voices of stepping on a dried leaf relaxes my mind.


Most of the time, a dog and it 3 tiny puppies waits for me. And walk behind me for few minutes as if taking part in my everyday schedule.

I hear the birds chirping and far way few dogs barking. I see butterflies fly around, making the scenery more like a paradise. Walking through the trees shows different kinds of insects that are in this planet. Everyday I see a new one and I admire the creation and the purpose of the teeny tiny insect in this world.


Life is beautiful. Enjoy the each and every second of it.



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8 Things We Are All Guilty Of Doing

Yes, I am guilty of doing these stuff… But aren’t you?

I know you too!! 😀 😀

1- When You Have Loads of Stuff To Do, And You Select The Best Option : Zzzzz…..

When Presented With Too Many O is listed (or ranked) 8 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

2- Better Safe Than Sorry. Just One Forgotten Click And You Are Doomed!

It Only Takes One Time Of Forg is listed (or ranked) 10 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

3-  The Bargain You Do With Yourself, That You Know Will Never Ever Happen!

Bargaining With Yourself Like  is listed (or ranked) 13 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

4- The More Refreshes, The More Mental Peace You Get…

But After Three Refreshes, Tha is listed (or ranked) 18 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

5-  And Yes, I Win An Argument With Me Every Day… Still Counts As A Win!

Still Counts As A Win is listed (or ranked) 19 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

6- Thats an Accomplishment During Semester Break!

Considering It An Accomplishme is listed (or ranked) 23 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

7-  Well,  Atleast It Gives Me Satisfaction Or … An Excuse For Being Late!

Well It Certainly Can't Ma is listed (or ranked) 26 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before

8- Never Getting USB Right On The First Try

Never Getting The USB Right On... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 29 Things Almost Everyone Is Guilty Of Having Done Before


Any other stuff that we are all guilty of doing??? Share in the comment section!  😀 😀


Happy Reading! Peace ❤

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How to Capture Your Blog Post Ideas BeforeThey Disappear

Idea 1Do you know anything about Samuel Langley? Of course not.
But what about Orville and Wilbur Wright aka The Wright Brothers? Of course you know.  You know the difference between Samuel Langley and The Wright Brothers?

Samuel Langley was the person who created airplane, but due to his two failed experiments, he gave up, The reason was the criticism he received from media and the government. Wright brothers took the ideas, and being uneducated and unfunded, they flew the first successful powered airplane. And now everyone in this world remember them.

The point is, everyone have great ideas, but they disappear.  Like Wright brothers, you don’t need any degree or any high education to have great ideas. Explore the world around you and you will get ideas.

For blogging, it is really easy. Just look around you and get inspired. Grab and hold the ideas and starts writing.  Take sometime out from your busy schedule and work on your idea.

Ideas can be as simple as “The book I read” or “The picture hanging in my office” or “The movie I saw last night”. It can be anything. Trust me, I do the same. I grab the idea and write about it, otherwise it will fade away into nothing.idea 3

These are some ways you can start your blog or update it everyday.

1-  List all you ideas

The best way is to have a daily journal. Write all the ideas comes in your mind. Don’t worry if they are easy, childish, or extremely tough. Just record each and every idea.

2- Select the best ones

Once written, just go through the list that you wrote. Most of the times, you will find every idea gibberish and nonsense. Although you feel like they are nothing, don’t discard them. Many ideas feels stupid at first, but you can be amended, edited or get inspired to come up with a better and productive idea.

Select the best and write about it. Don’t worry if the post is small. Just do it. You will learn to write a perfect blog post by practicing.

3- Work on them

Don’t wait for another week to work on the idea you got today. Just  work on it. Polish it and you might find a diamond within.

4- Have confidence in your idea and your yourself

Sometimes you might feel that the post is vague or  people might find it nonsense. But believe me, in the community of blogging and the people  I have met and talked to, people appreciate the writing. Political, moral, moms-blog, marketing blog, random thoughts, educational or any time of blog.  Bloggers love to see new ideas, and new people who share the same love of writing as you do. So be confident and believe in yourself.

Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


Somewhere in your mind, lies a super idea that can change your life. It might just pass by if you won’t keep writing and recording. So relax and write!

Happy Reading. Peace ❤

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5 ways to win my heart – 30 days challenge Day6

I know when you do Days challenges, it means you are suppose to write continue everyday. Pardon me for not following the rules. I was very busy with my internship that I didn’t had time to update it. So today I am writing my Day6 ( Actually Day 10).

Five ways to win my heart.

Its very easy. chocolates, food, chocolates, more food and more chocolates. haha 😀 ❤

But on serious note, the following are the maximum think of right now during my busy schedule.

  1. Discuss with me about education, science, technology, engineering, robots, politics and marketing.
  2. Buy me loads of novel and movie dvd, old/new, thriller, investigation, comedy, inspirational etc etc.
  3. Do yoga and exercise with me.
  4. Prepare different types of sushi for me. please!
  5. Get me fully paid world tour trip!!!! Trust me this is best you can do!!!! ❤


–  Good day! 🙂

World is beautiful – 30 Days Challenge Day5

World is like a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

I love traveling, with family, friends and even alone. When I travel I feel powerful, and my life become  happy.  My mind and heart relaxes and I feel comfortable.

I am mentioning here the top 5 places I want to visit ASAP!!!! ❤

  1. The Northern part of Pakistan.
  2. Grand canyon, Arizona
  3. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  4. Paris, France
  5. Istanbul, Turkey

My grandmother – My inspiration

Raised as an orphan and living away from her baby brother for almost half of her life, my grandmother’s courage, hard work, determination and will power inspired me throughout my life. She was my mother, my teacher and my best friend. I can hardly remember any time when I met she complained about anything that made her sad, tensed or annoyed.

My late grandmother, my inspiration.

She started her life as a poor orphan, living with her grandparents. Her mother passed away and her father left her. Her younger 6 months old brother was taken away. She spent her life studying and helping her grandparents in the small family business. She got married at an early age and had 5 kids.

Since her younger days, she had a dream to become a doctor, though the poor family situation didn’t allow her to, but her will power and determination made her start her own businesses. She rented a 2 bedroom apartment in a busy area and started working. Saving each and every penny she can. Despite being middle class, she encouraged her children to study and gave them education from good schools and universities. My mother and all her siblings are graduates from prestigious universities. My mother being the eldest helped my grandmother in every aspect. The both were the main pillars of the family.

Raising 5 children as a single mother is not easy but she made it like a piece of cake. She worked so hard not form money but for herself, her aims which she wanted to fulfil. Slowly and gradually, she bought a small house, where she started ladies training centre. She used to teach stitching, pottery, painting, cooking and what not. After seeing her hard work and communication skills, she got a marketing job in one of the best marketing and PR agency in Pakistan. She worked there and bought a bigger home.

She was also like a psychiatrist but without a degree, a good listener and good advisor. I remember every time I used to go her place, there were always people sitting, sharing their life problem, tension and even married couple problems. She used to give them advice and solution. She never protested or used bad words, but she used her wisdom. She was known to be the “wisest” in the area.

She was socially active. She attended the gatherings, events and functions. She loved gardening. She had a big garden where she used to plant all the vegetables and fruits. She had a mini bird zoo in her garden. Peacock, ducks, chicken, parrots and other birds were like her mini kids. She was a painter. She was a great advisor. she was like a best friend to all the people she met in her life. She was so perfect in every angle.

She passed away in 2011 at the age of 64. Fighting her liver problems. Even the time she was very sick and in pain, she never complained to anyone but will always say : “Bas Allah ka Karam hai” ( It’s just Allah blessing on me).

My mother always used to say:
She was born without a name, as an orphan. But she passed away making a place in everyone’s heart. She died but she always is remembered!

My grandmother, my Naani Mamma, my inspiration!

Rashida Begum ( 14th August 1947- 31st May 2011)

Top 3 Pet Peeves – 30 Days Challenge(Day3)

People don’t really annoy me or maybe I am hard to get annoyed. So, I really had to think hard to make this list. These are my top 3 pet peeves.

  1. I am annoyed by the people saying:
    “Pity you, you are Muslim, you wear scarf in this hot weather”.

Next time someone will ask me something like this, my reply would be:

“Pity you, you are a human, only civilized living thing in this world, you have to wear clothes in this hot season”

Just like you cover your private parts, I cover mine. You are making me more annoyed than the weather…

2. People who start eating the food from the middle of the plate.

3. People who disrespect teachers and talk bad behind their back.


What are your top three pet peeves?