Isn’t life Beautiful???

If you are reading this then look  straight into the laptop, computer or cell phone that you are using. Can you see?


Isn’t life beautiful? 🙂 Look around you. The  clothes you are wearing, the floor/bed/ chair that you are sitting on, the roof on the top of your head and the hands from where you just clicked this article to read. You have almost 99% of the things that you actually need in your life to make it beautiful!

You see how lucky you are? Then why  on earth are you running after that 1% of happiness that is making you look at this world in totally different perspective. World is filled with people that are positive. With things that will make you smile. The nature that will make you wonder how extraordinary this world is.

Grab your jacket, go out, smile and take long deep breathe. Your life is precious, your life extraordinary gift from your God. Your life is beautiful! ❤

Happy life! ❤ 🙂



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