#DigiWeWant4G – be the next to get 4G service!

CT6bvU8UAAAPW77Are you still in the town where Digi’s 4G LTE Network isn’t yet covered? Then here is your chance to be the next to enjoy the high-speed 4G LTE mobile coverage.

Digi is looking forward to knowing where you wish to appreciate the fast 4G LTE mobile coverage.  Tweet with hashtag DigiWeWant4G, hashtag your town and hashtag your state, and vote for your area. The main 10 zones with the most astounding votes will be considered in the race for their next extension plans.

I just did my part for Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. (Yeah, I am in the middle f the jungle, I need it very badly 😀 ).

Don’t wait! Tweet now, and make your vote count.

Till then, Happy tweeting!

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