#Jimah Power Plant: A career trip for Engineers from Nilai University

Jimnilai-university-malaysia-13ah Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd (JEV) today is one of the leading private energy companies in Malaysia. This company has set up a new Independent Power Producer (IPP) at Mukim Jimah, district of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus.Jimah development, own and also operates the coal-fired energy. The Project consists of the construction and commissioning of two coal-fired generating units with the net capacity of 700 MW each, based on proven sub-critical technology. The Project includes ancillary infrastructure such as a coal handling system, coal yard, ash pond and dedicated coal jetty.
On 12th November, Electrical and Electronics Engineering students along with Mechanical Engineering students of Nilai University were given an opportunity to visit the JEV to get an industrial view.



The visit was to show the excellent performance and the continuous improvement of JEV. All the students were gathered at the Administration Block in Nilai University from where we were taken from the bus to the JEV Power Plant located in Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus. The journey was more than 1 hour through the beautiful landscape of Negeri Sembilan.

The day started with the company welcoming us and showing the map of the company. Then we were taken to the conference room to be given a briefing on the company by Miss Siti Aisha who was the engineer at JEV. During the briefing, the company showed us how the company came into being, since 2003 until today. Later, the engineers were shown a presentation about the production of the energy. The speaker discussed and explained the details about the countries they import coal from, processing of coal and production of coal-fired.

With the aid of different pictures, we were given easier look of the whole system.

Before we could go any further, we digested all the information about JEV. After which they served us the delicious refreshments to all the students so could get fresh for the visit to the entire production and supply unit. They took all the students on the bus tour to the company showing all the units. As a memory, they showed us the first batch of coal they received in their timeline.

Here are some pictures of the company that we were able to get.


While most of the university life is spent in studies, quizzes, and exams, Nilai University has started this Industrial trip project to give the students an idea about how the professional life would be. It’s tough to decide what career to choose. But giving the exposure of Industrial visit, will help in deciding what a student really wants.
Personally, I, as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer was always interested in the pursuing my career in power Electronics. Therefore, visiting the place like Jimah Ventures, was like a heaven to me. I was given a great exposure to the industrial and professional life. I met a number of engineers and learned a lot from them.


Waiting for another trip next semester… 😛 Till next time… Happy Reading… 🙂

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