5 movies to motivate and inspire us for 2017

Every day starts with a new beginning. With a new hope. Hope to shine. With these hopes come new struggles. These struggles will punch you down hard. This is when your life must know that this hit was given to show you the reality. Reality of this world.

So don’t give up… Get up and keep moving forward.

These are the 5 movies, which I have seen a number of times whenever  I am down, sad, depressed or homesick.

1- Pursuit of Happyness (2006):

Everybody dreams, but to achieve one, is a hard struggle. This amazing inspiring movie shows the struggle of a father to contribute to his son’s future life. The movies highlight the bond between a father and a son. The messages of never giving up and never quitting the tough reality of this world, is brought to light.



2- The Theory of Everything (2014):

While this movie revolves around science. The most important and inspiring factor is how a man diagnosed with a debilitating disease, never ever gave up. Despite dealing with life-threatening illness, he uses his time to make an important scientific discovery.

Image result for theory of everything quotes

3- It’s a Wonderful Life ( 1946):

The movie might be old, but it gives clear incredible messages of seeing a life in a much brighter way. The importance of life and how we should take responsibility for our life is shown. Positive vibes create around us is when we change ourselves positively.

4- 127 Hours:

“I’ve been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, Every breath that I’ve taken every action has been leading me to this crack on the earth surface.” – 127 hours.

This movie will inspire to be grateful for our life. We have no idea what will happen to us in the next minute. Take some time to think and organise your wonderful life.


5- 42 (2010):

Based on true story of baseball players who became the target of racism from his teammates on being African American. The movies show his struggles and difficult times. His courage and focus lead him to great success.


If you like my list, please let me know… And share what other Inspiring movies you have watched… Spread positivity.. Peace<3


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5 ways to win my heart – 30 days challenge Day6

I know when you do Days challenges, it means you are suppose to write continue everyday. Pardon me for not following the rules. I was very busy with my internship that I didn’t had time to update it. So today I am writing my Day6 ( Actually Day 10).

Five ways to win my heart.

Its very easy. chocolates, food, chocolates, more food and more chocolates. haha 😀 ❤

But on serious note, the following are the maximum think of right now during my busy schedule.

  1. Discuss with me about education, science, technology, engineering, robots, politics and marketing.
  2. Buy me loads of novel and movie dvd, old/new, thriller, investigation, comedy, inspirational etc etc.
  3. Do yoga and exercise with me.
  4. Prepare different types of sushi for me. please!
  5. Get me fully paid world tour trip!!!! Trust me this is best you can do!!!! ❤


–  Good day! 🙂

World is beautiful – 30 Days Challenge Day5

World is like a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.

I love traveling, with family, friends and even alone. When I travel I feel powerful, and my life become  happy.  My mind and heart relaxes and I feel comfortable.

I am mentioning here the top 5 places I want to visit ASAP!!!! ❤

  1. The Northern part of Pakistan.
  2. Grand canyon, Arizona
  3. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
  4. Paris, France
  5. Istanbul, Turkey

My grandmother – My inspiration

Raised as an orphan and living away from her baby brother for almost half of her life, my grandmother’s courage, hard work, determination and will power inspired me throughout my life. She was my mother, my teacher and my best friend. I can hardly remember any time when I met she complained about anything that made her sad, tensed or annoyed.

My late grandmother, my inspiration.

She started her life as a poor orphan, living with her grandparents. Her mother passed away and her father left her. Her younger 6 months old brother was taken away. She spent her life studying and helping her grandparents in the small family business. She got married at an early age and had 5 kids.

Since her younger days, she had a dream to become a doctor, though the poor family situation didn’t allow her to, but her will power and determination made her start her own businesses. She rented a 2 bedroom apartment in a busy area and started working. Saving each and every penny she can. Despite being middle class, she encouraged her children to study and gave them education from good schools and universities. My mother and all her siblings are graduates from prestigious universities. My mother being the eldest helped my grandmother in every aspect. The both were the main pillars of the family.

Raising 5 children as a single mother is not easy but she made it like a piece of cake. She worked so hard not form money but for herself, her aims which she wanted to fulfil. Slowly and gradually, she bought a small house, where she started ladies training centre. She used to teach stitching, pottery, painting, cooking and what not. After seeing her hard work and communication skills, she got a marketing job in one of the best marketing and PR agency in Pakistan. She worked there and bought a bigger home.

She was also like a psychiatrist but without a degree, a good listener and good advisor. I remember every time I used to go her place, there were always people sitting, sharing their life problem, tension and even married couple problems. She used to give them advice and solution. She never protested or used bad words, but she used her wisdom. She was known to be the “wisest” in the area.

She was socially active. She attended the gatherings, events and functions. She loved gardening. She had a big garden where she used to plant all the vegetables and fruits. She had a mini bird zoo in her garden. Peacock, ducks, chicken, parrots and other birds were like her mini kids. She was a painter. She was a great advisor. she was like a best friend to all the people she met in her life. She was so perfect in every angle.

She passed away in 2011 at the age of 64. Fighting her liver problems. Even the time she was very sick and in pain, she never complained to anyone but will always say : “Bas Allah ka Karam hai” ( It’s just Allah blessing on me).

My mother always used to say:
She was born without a name, as an orphan. But she passed away making a place in everyone’s heart. She died but she always is remembered!

My grandmother, my Naani Mamma, my inspiration!

Rashida Begum ( 14th August 1947- 31st May 2011)

Top 3 Pet Peeves – 30 Days Challenge(Day3)

People don’t really annoy me or maybe I am hard to get annoyed. So, I really had to think hard to make this list. These are my top 3 pet peeves.

  1. I am annoyed by the people saying:
    “Pity you, you are Muslim, you wear scarf in this hot weather”.

Next time someone will ask me something like this, my reply would be:

“Pity you, you are a human, only civilized living thing in this world, you have to wear clothes in this hot season”

Just like you cover your private parts, I cover mine. You are making me more annoyed than the weather…

2. People who start eating the food from the middle of the plate.

3. People who disrespect teachers and talk bad behind their back.


What are your top three pet peeves?

My new roommate is from the enemy country

India vs Pakistan… Pakistan vs India…

The politics between these two countries never came to any happy ending. From religion to fighting for land, they are always opposing each other point of view.If one wants construct a peaceful relation, the other won’t agree and vise versa.

Actual story started back in 1947, the British Subcontinent of Hindustan was divided into two countries. Pakistan and India.  Pakistan being muslim majority and India being Hindu Majority. So it was not only about the partition of land but religious hatred  which became a factor for these two countries to fight.

Times passed by and the people forget about the partition and hatred (Not that they forgot the sacrifices of the ancestors. But they moved forward with peace and harmony, which their ancestor actually wanted). But the politics interfered. They repeatedly discouraged Pakistanis and Indians to be friends. Just to get visit visa was a big hectic. Jobs were impossible. From sports to fashion, it was like the competition between these countries. We actually get a public holiday when we have cricket finals between these countries.

But fortunately, The educated people understood the game of politics. They knew that it’s not public who are opposing each other but only politics. They started talking through Facebook. Not to forget a great campaign done by coca cola in  2013 to bring people together.


Same year, I  came to another country. I made friends regardless of the country they belong to, their race, religion and cast. I made friends with the people I felt comfortable with. And then I met an Indian Girl. We became friends. WE talked, laughed and shared secrets. Our friendship grew stronger.

We studied in the same university and lived in same hostel but different building.  Recently, my building was under renovation and I was asked to shift to the next building. When they asked me which roommate you want. I happily said her name.

She is my new roommate now.

Now when my friends come over and tease me by saying: “Pakistan India saath saath” (Pakistan and India are together). I teasingly, but proudly say:

“ Yeah, my roommate is from the enemy country and She is my bestfriend”.

#PeaceNo War

Things that makes me really happy

30 days chllenge.png

I was going through few of my fellow bloggers post , when I came across an interesting challenge that blogger Annapurani Vaidyanathan was doing. So I thought of doing the challenge too. Its 30 Day Writing Challenge. I will be writing on different interesting topics for 30 days. So here we go…

Day 1:  10 things that make me really happy:

  1. My parents smile. The entire life they struggled to make my sisters and me really successful.So when ever I make them smile, it makes me feel awesome! 🙂

  2. My 2 sisters. They are the angels in my life. They are the reason for all the positivity in me! 🙂

  3. Mathematics!!! Yeah, you read it right. I love mathematics. The more the difficult and time taking problem is, the more my love for Maths increases.

  4. Singing and dancing in the rain. And specially when it is very windy and breezy.

  5. Creamy chocolates. ( and all other sweet food).

  6. Writing and reading.

  7. Neat and clean kitchen after cooking some delicious food.

  8. Traveling around with family and friends.

  9. Babies, they are so soft like cotton balls and their tongue is so small and when they hold your finger with the tiny little hand.

  10. Success, does not matter small or big, if I am doing something and I succeed. It makes me extremely happy.

After reading, continue this challenge. It will make you smile and you will feel awesome! ❤

Can I succeeded in being a vegetarian?

Being a non-vegetarian since childhood, I wanted to do an experiment being a vegetarian for a month.So during my 3 week holidays, I went to stay with my friends from Nepal and China (they both are part of Tao, which means they are purely vegetarian, no fish, no chicken and no onion and garlic) Even bringing non-veg food inside the house was not allowed. This gave me a chance to control my temptation for meat. So a month journey started and I became a vegetarian.
The food was no doubt delicious. With the touch of Nepali and Chinese cuisine, it was like a vegetarian paradise. With vegetarian mushroom soup to cauliflower carrot curry . I loved each and everything.
I also shared the most famous Pakistani traditional dish: Chicken Biryani ( by substituting chicken with vegetables of course) . With fingers crossed I started to follow exactly what my mother was telling me to do. ( My Mother’s food are always delicious).
The worrying part:
Vegetarian Biryani was the main course, and they invited 12 guests to be part of the dinner.
I was hoping that my food will elicit a lot of praises from the guest. And by the grace of Allah and my mother’s recipe, the vegetarian biryani was excellent and mouthwatering. Dinner went awesome with all the praises and “Thank you – Thank you”.

But To be honest, I cheated once. It was the third week, I was craving for non-veg and I went outside to a restaurant and had Malay Mutton soup.

Mission Possible: 1 month of being vegetarian. 29 days of being vegetarian.

I did notice that I lost 2 kg in 3 weeks time, which was great. I got glow in my skin and I felt fresh. Even though I didn’t continue being vegetarian, I still do weekly experiments. My next plan is for being vegan for a week at the start of 2017.

Hopes high, Fingers crossed! 