How to Capture Your Blog Post Ideas BeforeThey Disappear

Idea 1Do you know anything about Samuel Langley? Of course not.
But what about Orville and Wilbur Wright aka The Wright Brothers? Of course you know.  You know the difference between Samuel Langley and The Wright Brothers?

Samuel Langley was the person who created airplane, but due to his two failed experiments, he gave up, The reason was the criticism he received from media and the government. Wright brothers took the ideas, and being uneducated and unfunded, they flew the first successful powered airplane. And now everyone in this world remember them.

The point is, everyone have great ideas, but they disappear.  Like Wright brothers, you don’t need any degree or any high education to have great ideas. Explore the world around you and you will get ideas.

For blogging, it is really easy. Just look around you and get inspired. Grab and hold the ideas and starts writing.  Take sometime out from your busy schedule and work on your idea.

Ideas can be as simple as “The book I read” or “The picture hanging in my office” or “The movie I saw last night”. It can be anything. Trust me, I do the same. I grab the idea and write about it, otherwise it will fade away into nothing.idea 3

These are some ways you can start your blog or update it everyday.

1-  List all you ideas

The best way is to have a daily journal. Write all the ideas comes in your mind. Don’t worry if they are easy, childish, or extremely tough. Just record each and every idea.

2- Select the best ones

Once written, just go through the list that you wrote. Most of the times, you will find every idea gibberish and nonsense. Although you feel like they are nothing, don’t discard them. Many ideas feels stupid at first, but you can be amended, edited or get inspired to come up with a better and productive idea.

Select the best and write about it. Don’t worry if the post is small. Just do it. You will learn to write a perfect blog post by practicing.

3- Work on them

Don’t wait for another week to work on the idea you got today. Just  work on it. Polish it and you might find a diamond within.

4- Have confidence in your idea and your yourself

Sometimes you might feel that the post is vague or  people might find it nonsense. But believe me, in the community of blogging and the people  I have met and talked to, people appreciate the writing. Political, moral, moms-blog, marketing blog, random thoughts, educational or any time of blog.  Bloggers love to see new ideas, and new people who share the same love of writing as you do. So be confident and believe in yourself.

Try. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


Somewhere in your mind, lies a super idea that can change your life. It might just pass by if you won’t keep writing and recording. So relax and write!

Happy Reading. Peace ❤

Feel free to share your feedback or new ideas in the comment section.
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3 thoughts on “How to Capture Your Blog Post Ideas BeforeThey Disappear

  1. I write down my ideas on anything handy. The napkin I just used to wipe my mouth on to be crass. Ugh! I have even gotten up out of bed to write something down. I want to go to sleep right? I also use WordPress itself to write down a post title for the future. Some futures never come, but at least I have a title if and when I need one.

    I’m sitting here looking at a big mailing envelope with all kinds of ideas written on it. Thank goodness I don’t have to send it anywhere. Good ideas are hard to find, especially in your head after they’ve dispersed to who knows where in your brain-no-sphere!!!

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