My new roommate is from the enemy country

India vs Pakistan… Pakistan vs India…

The politics between these two countries never came to any happy ending. From religion to fighting for land, they are always opposing each other point of view.If one wants construct a peaceful relation, the other won’t agree and vise versa.

Actual story started back in 1947, the British Subcontinent of Hindustan was divided into two countries. Pakistan and India.  Pakistan being muslim majority and India being Hindu Majority. So it was not only about the partition of land but religious hatred  which became a factor for these two countries to fight.

Times passed by and the people forget about the partition and hatred (Not that they forgot the sacrifices of the ancestors. But they moved forward with peace and harmony, which their ancestor actually wanted). But the politics interfered. They repeatedly discouraged Pakistanis and Indians to be friends. Just to get visit visa was a big hectic. Jobs were impossible. From sports to fashion, it was like the competition between these countries. We actually get a public holiday when we have cricket finals between these countries.

But fortunately, The educated people understood the game of politics. They knew that it’s not public who are opposing each other but only politics. They started talking through Facebook. Not to forget a great campaign done by coca cola in  2013 to bring people together.


Same year, I  came to another country. I made friends regardless of the country they belong to, their race, religion and cast. I made friends with the people I felt comfortable with. And then I met an Indian Girl. We became friends. WE talked, laughed and shared secrets. Our friendship grew stronger.

We studied in the same university and lived in same hostel but different building.  Recently, my building was under renovation and I was asked to shift to the next building. When they asked me which roommate you want. I happily said her name.

She is my new roommate now.

Now when my friends come over and tease me by saying: “Pakistan India saath saath” (Pakistan and India are together). I teasingly, but proudly say:

“ Yeah, my roommate is from the enemy country and She is my bestfriend”.

#PeaceNo War