Rain on a sunny day


I was laying down near the slope of the lake in my university. The grass was flooded with the hot sun rays. The water in the lake was scorched by the summer heat. I felt relaxed in my own way. I checked out and reviewed the nature around me. Everything was blazing and flashing with the bits of sunlight. Then I saw the birds flying away into their nest as if they know some secret. I closed my eyes to smell the scorching sand around the lake. After  few minutes, I felt few water droplets on my face. The secret finally revealed. A thunderstorm was on its way.


Malaysia’s weather is unpredictable. For a moment it seems the sun is only a couple of kilometres away from the earth, while the other moment clouds emerge and make the dry land wet and overflowed with water once more. Strangely, this frequent change in weather makes me release all my tension and stress. Although, it hinders the ability to do a lot of outdoor work, but it makes me feel relaxed and calm and give me time to be with myself.

Rain is an excellent blessing and it’s superb to be closed to the lakeside, under the heavy natural shower. Watching how the rain is clearing away all the dirt from the buildings and the tall trees. The beauty of nature will keep opening layer by layer, every day.  🙂


Don’t forget to enjoy the blessings of nature. Happy rainy season! ❤rain-2