Thodari – Rail (review by Pakistani fan)

After watching IruMugan, my first Tamil movie, I was eager to watch another South Indian movie, simply because they are fascinating. So I watched Thodari (Rail) next.
As per South Indian logic: If you are a south Indian then Dhanush is your true hero. And that is the reason why my friends forced me to watch this with them. Again!

The story revolves around a pantry boy (Dhanush) falls in love with a makeup artist (Keerthy Suresh) who is accompanying a film actress. Later the gang of hijackers hijack the train and Dhanush, the pantry guy, saves the 700 people on board. Almost the entire was shot on the train.

The most important factor that I noticed while watching Thodari was, it had romance, action, forced yet funny comedy scenes, tragic incidents, suspense, good music and some beautiful pictures of mother nature.

Screenshots from the movie

The performances were very convincing and I was fully concentrating in the movie and wanted to know what will happen next, despite knowing how the movie will end ( It was logical and can been seen from the start :/ ). Though there were a number of scenes that I really liked, but my favourite part was when Dhanush asked the girl to sing. I actually laughed so hard at that particular scene. This was repeated multiple times, and every time she sing the song, it made me laugh harder. The ending part, where they are about to die, and the girl sang one more time and that was hilarious! 😀 😀

A number of mistakes were notable during the movie. The most important and funny was watching Dhanush’s thin slim body dancing of the train roof. If in real life he will dance like this, trust me the wind will definitely blow him away! 😀

Roof top dance

On the other hand, the movie had a mixture of 3 Indian languages, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. The movie I watched had no subtitles for the Malayalam part, therefore I just guessed what was happening.

Overall, even though the story was weak, but the actors performed really well. The songs were fine. And I will recommend this movie to be watched one time atleast. (Y)thodari-first-look

What movie should I watch next? 🙂
Remo or Kabali…

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