Iru Mugan Review – Pakistani Fan

As a Pakistani and a not-Tamil speaker, it uncommon to watch a south Indian movie in Pakistan. But living in Malaysia for so long and having South Indian friends, convinced me to watch a blockbuster movie “IRUMUGAN” (English: Two faced).

This was my very first time that I went to watch the movie, without seeing the trailer. But I took a chance. Not to forget, I fully planned to sleep throughout the 2 hours 35 mins time. But to my least expectation. Iru Mugan is now one of my favourite movies.

The movie is sci-fiction, based on the dangerous adrenaline drug, which was called “Speed”. An Ex-RAW agent, Akilan (Played by Vikram) is given a project to save the world from this deadly drug. If Speed is inhaled, it will transform the ordinary person into a super active person for 5 minutes.

The dealer (villain), Love ( which is also played by Vikram), of the drug is the best part of the entire movie. Though his first appearance on the screen was with his face covered with a mask, but as soon as people saw Love’s Face, there were chaos and shouts and whistling in the entire cinema!iru-mugan-double-role-image

Love played a marvelous character from the starting of his character. He acts as easy to go person, calm and classy villain. He won’t get angry by his workers but will simply eliminate the ill-performing workers by just a click of a button.

Love’s hospital part was the funniest. Love dressing up   as a nurse was outstanding and Vikram’s acting skills were incredible. If you really want to have a nice laugh, these scenes are must watch! Everybody loved Love so much, that he was the  centre of attention through out the movie.07cp_irumugan

The songs were jut okay, except Helana. I had no idea what was the meaning (There were no subtitles for the songs), but I totally loved this song.

Though there were slight mistakes in the movie, which was notable while watching it, but the entire movie is worth watching… I highly recommend the Non-Tamil people this movie for a watch!!

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