Confessions, Confessions, Everywhere…

images   How-to-make-Confessions-Page-on-Facebook-Using-Google-docs   Start your counting from the well-known NED to IBA , Nixor to Paf Chapter, you will find a growing trend of students confessing online on the most popular social network “Facebook”. Call it fun or Tafree it surely is a advance version of ragging and cyber-bullying people and saying what is not possible in personal. I came across this when one of my colleague told me, what this whole “drama” was about, I started checking this page almost regularly to know the new hot topic of my school. Unfortunately, the whole tafree ended when i saw one of my best friend’s name on the post of this “dramatic” page. Curious of what was further, i read on and on, until my tears starting dripping. The very instant I called my friends mom, and told her not to allow my dear friend to use Facebook, until that post was deleted.Though Facebook support center was quick to understand the harassment on my friend, they deleted the post the very next day. But further on, i saw the same insulting post with different names mentioned by some shameless confessors. I hold my heart for the “Victims” who are being spotted for there weak points or pointed in public for no reason. Further on, i saw the photo shared by the page, and poor us, i saw the stupid joke, and lack of humor comics shared by the page with pics edited of my colleagues. Though I was fast enough to block the page but this was not fast enough for Facebook support center to delete this page, as there are more shameless creature around us, who are liking this so-called tafree. Who started it? And who will End? There are no answers for that. Being the most used social network, Facebook get thousands and millions of new users daily around the globe, and thus this is impossible for them to check each and every page and this gives a full stop to these questions. Apart from it, the “Hot spot shield” and other proxy sites have done ‘sara bacha huwa kaam’ so theirs no point in blocking this site. Further more, disconnecting internet from the country wont make any good, except for increasing the illiteracy rate of the nation. Therefore i personally wont blame PTA, for doing nothing against it. Once upon a time, there was infinite security in our society that not only man, but it was feasible for women to go around the country alone, but this is the time, when not only a women but men are bounded. They are insecure in there own school and society. Aritcle no 3 of the universal Declaration of Human rights guarantees the right of security of a person.Its a combination of right to life and liberty, it states “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” Unfortunately today there’s none of these for the public. Few are the incidents which occurred by the cyber bullying. Ryan Patrick Halligan (Dec, 1989 – Oct 7, 2003) was an American student from Essex Junction, Vermont, who was 13 years old only, when he committed suicide after being bullied from his classmates in real life and cyber-bullying online. When his father was once out of town, he hung himself that morning. Megan Meir, another cyber bullied kids who dies just because he was cyber bullied and insulted very frequently. Sadly these cases are increasing frequently and our place is surely going towards destruction. I believe in respect other people privacy before we ruin in by our own hands. Good comments are appreciated 🙂 –Fareha Nizam Fifi 


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